Open RFP's and Bids

Per Dane County Ordinance, Section 62.15, “Any person desiring to bid on any county contract must register with the purchasing manager and pay an annual registration fee of $20.” The Vendor Registration Application and fee payment is available on-line or by requesting a paper form be sent via US Mail.

All bids are due by 2 pm CST unless otherwise noted.
Please note that it is the bidder's responsibility to check this website for any future addendums or revisions prior to the bid opening. Bids/RFP's that do not acknowledge addendums may be rejected.
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The Dane County Department of Human Services has issued the following RFPs.
These RFPs are due by 2:00pm Thursday, May 24, 2018. For information and application:

Adult Community Services Division

  • RFP #A001 Cultural Diversity Program for Older Adults
  • RFP #A002 AODA Outpatient Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
  • RFP #A003 Alcohol and Drug Prevention Services
  • RFP #A004 Crisis Intervention and Services

Children Youth and Families Division

  • RFP #C005 Early Childhood Mental Health Services
  • RFP #C006 CYF Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
  • RFP #C007 Behavioral Health Services – Prescriber Services for Children & Youth
  • RFP #C008 CYF Behavioral Health Targeted Case Management Services
Due Date Bid/RFP# Description
5/24/2018 118044
More Information

CDBG - Economic Assistance

5/24/2018 118045
More Information

CDBG - Major Home Rehabilitation

5/24/2018 118047
More Information

CDBG - Mortgage Reduction

5/24/2018 118048
More Information

CDBG - Public Facilities

5/24/2018 118049
More Information

CDBG - Public Services

5/24/2018 118050
More Information

CDBG - New Rental Construction

5/24/2018 118051
More Information

CDBG - Rental Rehabilitation

5/24/2018 118052
More Information

CDBG - Tenant Based Rental Assistance

5/24/2018 118046
More Information

CDBG - Minor Home Repair Assistance Grants

5/24/2018 118056
More Information

Professional Services for Community Manure Digester Feasibility Study

5/24/2018 118030
More Information

Labor Relations Consulting & Negotiation Service

5/29/2018 118029
More Information

Photovoltaic Installation at the Dane County Regional Airport

5/29/2018 118055
More Information

Financial Auditing Services

6/6/2018 118054
More Information Affordable Rental Housing Affordable Housing Development Fund
6/26/2018 118058
More Information

Renewable Energy Credit Purchase

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Public Works
The Public Works Engineering Division is responsible for design, bidding, and managing construction and facility improvements projects for Dane County County Government.